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VoIP technology and IP telephones are a very frequent topic  nowadays, so we are therefore witnessing its fast and rapid development in the area of business users and also the public telephone service providers. It is forseen that in a few years , the complete telecom  industry will be based on a communicating IP platform.

Regarding to that fact, it is also growing the number of business communicating systems that connect VoIP protocols at the same time using the existing data infrastructure.

VoIPBON offers a new way of connecting an IP PBX system on the public network using an increasing presence of high-speed data connections available in many locations.

What is Sip Trunk?

In telecommunications terminology, the term “Trunk” means the main line, while SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol for establishing and terminating communication.

SIP trunk allows a logical connection between the IP PBX system and the providers of public telephony.
Classical PBX systems also have the option of using SIP trunking through Gateway devices.

SIP Trunk features:

  • Great savings due to lower costs of accessing  to PSTN network, replacing an ISDN PRI connection with one IP trunk
  • The usage of SIP Trunk per channel  is free of charge, that is you pay only the spent impulses
  • Low cost of implementation -  there is no need for interface cards (PRA) on the user’s side because the connection is through the Internet
  • Optimization of capacity transmission capacity by using one link for voice and data
  • Very flexible capacity because it you can buy the desired number of channels (possibly only 1 channel)
  • No additional investment in PSTN gateway devices and no need for additional line cards, in case of increased traffic
  • IP telephony service provider or VoIP provider does not have to be the owner of the network infrastructure over which the service is performed
  • The ability to easily expand capacity, which means that the number of simultaneous calls can be increased without increasing the transmission capacity
  • The ability to create virtual local numbers in dislocated  locations

Considering the current economic situation in the world, and the fact that the business systems are using all the possible tools to reduce business costs, the assumption is that the implementation of SIP Trunking to existing IP exchanges will become a very frequent process. Of course, neither  classical analogue exchanges are not exempt from this process.  With the installation of the appropriate Gateway, it is possible to achieve significant savings and extends the life of the device.

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