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VoipBON service provides you cheaper phone calls and constant control of the costs.
Become a VoipBON user immediately and start saving when you call international destination, in sending SMS messages and faxes. The savings are up to 90% in compare to the previous conventional telephony.

Except the advantage of extremely low prices for international phone calls, VoipBON allows you to make free phone calls from your voipBON account to another voipBON 24 hours / 7 days a week.
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VoipBON is a global communications service that provides free communication using the Internet Protocol. You can use it from any place in the world at the same time using your mobile phone, computer, analog phone or IP phone.

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Payment options for private users:

VoipBON prepaid

VoipBON Prepaid payment – you can make calls and talk as long you have credits on your account. All calls are charged from your credit. Before you make the first call it is necessary to buy a BON. Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

VoipBON postpaid

If you have a VoipBON postpaid account, you will receive a monthly bill with detailed specification of the calls. The service is more suitable for business users. You can have a complete detailed list any time available on your account, with time and cost of each call.