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Range of numbers

For users who needs a larger amount of numbers over voipbon service it is possible to rent a range of several DID phone numbers in a row. This will allow your company to have a unique and recognized series of numbers and thus increase the visibility of the company and strengthen your brand.

Porting of numbers

If you have one or more numbers that you pay a subscription for to your provider, you can transferred it to voipbon and terminate the subscription by a month pay for each number. Your numbers will be active on voipbon and you can use all the benefits of voipbon service with your old phone number.
Interested can send a request to:

DID number options

  • Ringing on 1 or more SIP devices
  • Call Forward to another PSTN or GSM number anywhere in the world (the redirect will be charged at voipBON rates)
  • Call Forward to Skype, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk‚Ķ under construction
  • Call Forward to VoiceEmail