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VoIPBON  service allows you to make phone calls using VoIP technology.  VoIPBON is a protocol that provide cheaper communication via Internet saving up to 90% in comparison to the traditional/analog telephony system. You can use it from any place in the world using your mobile phone, computer, analog phone or IP phone.

Benefits of the VoipBON telephone services:

  • Much cheaper international calls
  • Temporary access to expenses
  • Payment – postpaid and prepaid
  • There’s no billing for the call’s set-up
  • Billing price per minute
  • Payment through bank transfer
  • Free calls between users
  • Total control cost

Ways to Use VoIP services:

  • Softphone – the easiest way to make phone calls through your computer. You install the program (X-Lite) and set up  a call using a headset and microphone.
  • ATA Adapter- connect  your ATA adapter to the Internet and than to the existing phone.
  • IP telephone – IP phones are designed for VoIP calling.  Put  a LAN cable and connect your phone to the internet   so you can make phone calls.
  • Cell phones – install the free application Fring and set your device settings.
  • Web2Call-   use your VoIPBON web interface for making calls, without typing a number on the phone.
  • Tel2Tel – use your VoIPBON web interface for making calls, without  using an IP phone
  • CallBack -  callback to your phone or mobile device
  • Access number -  making calls to VoipBON access number

VoipBON allows you to make calls to every destination you want.

You can see a detailed list of countries and tariffs below … TARIFFS.