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Fax for everyone
Forget about buying fax machines, there is no need to. Our fax service has all the functions as a standard fax machine. Now you can have your own private fax – private faxes will remain confidential and sent directly to you.

Faxing is easy as sending e-mail
Through a simple web interface you can easily and quickly create, send and receive faxes. You can create a draft document,  finish later, or save the fax template that can be used indefinitely.

Send PDF document via fax
Sending a PDF document  via e-mail is not always the answer. Maybe the recipient has a spam filter, file size is too big for e-mail, or you may have an outdated version of Acrobat Reader? Now, you have another option- sending PDF documents through our fax service.

A picture instead a 1000 words
Create a photo or graphic on your computer and integrate the same into any fax document. You can scan your signature, “sign” documents and contracts at any time.

Just in time!
You can decide when to send a fax. Simply select the  time and date and  voipBON will deliver your fax exactly within the given time.

Fax for several users!
VoipBON Fax Service allows you to send  a fax to several users. With just a few clicks, select the fax number from the contacts and all contacts that you chosen from the list will receive the same fax. Simple.