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VoipBON, what is it?
VoipBON is a service that uses the latest technology and provides high-quality voice communication between people around the world.
Softphone allows you to make phone calls at low rates throughout the world. Click here to sign, and to download some of the softphone select: 3CX Softphone, Softphone X-Lite or Zoiper softphone. Downloading takes a few moments, depending on your connection speed.

What is VoIP?
VoIP (Voice over IP) is defined as the transport of telephone calls using Internet protocol. Such calls may be made with analog telephone sets through appropriate converter (Analog Telephone Adapter – ATA), IP phone or with an application from PC. VoIP calls are cheaper up to 90% compared to standard service provider.

How to establish a call over voipBON?
There is several ways to make phone calls through voipBON:

  • Enter the username of another voipBON user, or the desired phone number and press enter
  • To establish a call use the dial number
  • Use the keypad on your computer in order to establish a call (Note: When you call (even if it is a local call) always dial 00 + country code + area code + phone number

Can I use voipBON services with Mac or Linux-om?
Are you a user of Mac or Linux? We have the solution!
If you are using Mac or Linux, it is possible to use voipBON services if you download the free application of your choice.
Quick Guide:

  • Register  to voipBon (with PC), click here.
  • Download the application: X-Lite for Linux or X-Lite for Mac

Can I connect a DID number from voipBON account?
Yes you can. List of DID numbers

Do voipBON includes advertising or spyware?

Is it possible to configure my SIP device to calls through  voipBON?
Of course, click here for instructions. If your device is not on the list for instruction, please send a mail to: and we will gladly help you.

What are my costs for phone calls?
Calls to other (PSTN) phone numbers are charged according to the tariffs for the destination you are calling. Prices are in euro per minute, a calculation unit is minutes. In addition, there are no other charges – no subscription, registration, administration, or any other charge!

Can I call destinations that are not listed?
Unfortunately not at the moment. Only destinations that are listed. Therefore, the country that you want to call, if it’s not included in the list, you can not call through voipBON. To be informed of all new destinations and price deals please subscribe to our free newsletter.

Can a company sign up?
Yes, it is possible for companies to sign up. Terms of payment and service are the same as for residential customers.

¨ Terms of Use “ what does it mean?
Those are the terms and conditions under which it is possible to use voipBON service.

What is the price when someone calls me on voipBON number?
It depends on from where  the other person is calling and with which service provider has a contract. The call should be charged at normal geographic tariffs, so  the caller should check with their telephone service provider what are the charges for fixed lines


I think that the costs are not charged correctly
If you think that the costs are not calculated correctly, please check out the dialed phone numbers . Make sure you dial a landline number or mobile number. If you still have doubts, please contact us.

My order status shows “paid” but the credit is not added to my account?
In some cases, users  must wait a little bit from processing the payments to updating the account balance. Generally, the process should take only a few minutes, but sometimes, it takes longer till the account is updated.
You can always check your status. We suggest that you try to call even if payment is not visible on your account. In some cases, the balance may be updated.

What is the timeline for spending the credit?
There is no time limit in voipBON.

Are there other costs?
There is no monthly subscription, cost for registration or other costs. Published tariff for each destination are the only expense.

What are my costs for phone calls?
Calls for all other (PSTN) phone numbers will be charged according to the tariffs for the destination you are calling. Prices are in euro per minute, a calculation unit is minutes. In addition, there are no other charges – no subscription, registration, administration or charges.

What are the costs for sending SMS?
Sending SMS via voipBONa will be charged at the current price list.

When the telephone calls are charged?

Billing is calculated from the moment when you are connected to the telephone number you have dialed, or when a call is established. If there is no answer or the line is busy, we do not charge anything.

My account

I’ve lost my password. What should I do?
Use our module to correct password.

I’ve registered, but I didn’t receive a confirmation?
If you didn’t  receive our subscription email due to a spam filters, your registration is anyway  successfully implemented. Please try an hour after  signing in to make a call using voipBON.

SMS servis

Can I send a text message (SMS) with voipBON-om?
Yes you can.You have to open a voipBON account and when you login through the web interface you can send SMS.

When and how are text messages charged?
Received messages in our system will be charged at the time of delivery to the the mobile operator.

Are the failed text messages also charged?
No, when you send messages the credit that you have on your account will be “reserved”. The message will be charged at the time of delivery to the mobile operator.