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Sending SMS messages via voipBON.

VoipBON offer several ways of sending text messages at very low prices!

VoipBON SMS service is a simple communications channel that allows you or your company quick, cheap and effective approach to end-users to all destinations in the world.

Special offers, actions, or some news in the work of your company are just some of the information that can be sent through SMS.

Sending SMS messages via voipBONa is very convenient, it also allows you to send messages to multiple mobile numbers and the ability to decide when you want messages to be sent.

Take care about your customer. Use the possibility to send information about special discounts for users of SMS services, to wish a happy birthday or holiday, tell them about the latest news, campaigns, promotions, etc. Users will be pleased with the attention they’ve gett, and you’ll improve your business.

SMS is a great marketing tool for promoting yourself, your business or some of the benefits you offer to your customers!

SMS features:

  • the price from 0,034 EUR per message
  • simultaneous access to a large number of users
  • fast, direct and secure transmission of marketing messages
  • “One-to-one” relationship with the end user
  • delivery reports and analytics
  • extra discount for larger quantities
  • simplicity of usage through a web interface

Simple and effective! Create a schedule messages to send in a given moment and that’s all!

SMS can contain up to 160 characters, you can create your own identity, that is the sender’s name, which can be company name, your name, the name of your service, or simply cell phone number.

To use the SMS service over  voipBON you must first open your account, and on that account  pay the amount that can be used to send SMS, VoIP phone calls at cheap rates, send a fax (coming soon).
You have access to total costs of text messages in any time through your voipBON account.

Take advantage of this servis and join now!

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