SMS Marketing

We started with a new SMS service that allows sending SMS messages via Internet.

To use the SMS service over voipBON you must first open your account (Sign up), and to buy a BON kredit so that you could use our service, to send SMS, VoIP phone calls at affordable prices, to send a fax (coming soon). Free register at:

Once you sign up and get an mail with user information (user name and password), your account will have 1,00 kn for testing services.  For further phone calls you must to recharge your account. If you want to recharge your account  send a request to:  Paying by credit cards will be available soon.

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Benefit and advantage of SMS marketing:

SMS contributes to sales growth
SMS marketing is ideal for all kind of users who want to promote products or services, provide an incentive to purchase and improve the care of their customers.

The easiest way is to create a database of  customers who are interested in your products or services, and every time you’ll have an exclusive offer or promotion you can send them SMS. The recipients often forward the SMS to their friends or family and in that way expand their business.

Previous experience in SMS marketing has shown an increase in business  up to 10 times compared to traditional advertising.

Even 94% of people read the message they receive.

SMS users
Since today almost everybody have cell phones, text messaging is the perfect way to notify users about important changes in the shortest possible time.

Taxi service can use the SMS service to inform their customers when the transport will arrive and be ready.

SMS messages are an ideal way for schools to notify changes in schedule or a warning to parents. Schools can also use SMS to send reminders about exam dates, to warn parents about the lack of students etc.

Pharmacies and doctors can use SMS to remind customers that their prescriptions are ready or when they have a scheduled appointment …

Companies with a large number of employees can use SMS to send corporate information, new product announcements, upcoming staff meetings  etc.

Send SMS to multiple recipients

You can easily send a SMS to multiple recipients, which makes it easy for you, and each recipient will receive a message showing the sender (name or phone number of your buiness).

Receiving messages
SMS messages are received almost immediately, making it the ideal solution for quick distribution of information.

Selected Recipients:

Since your users accept your promotional text messages, you know that they have an interest in your business and products.

Range of Use:
Mobile marketing can be used for a wide range of purposes: new product announcements, daily activities, opening a new retail center, special events … etc. Subscribers can be treated as a special group for offers and information which only they have access to,in that way  increasing loyalty, purchases and speed of communication.

Direct Communication:
Mobile marketing allows direct contact to the end user.

Mobile Voip

Mobile VoIP service allows you to use cell phones in VoIP telephony. Using cell phones and mobile internet, you can make calls to all destinations in theworld  with 90% cheaper rates.

Within these services you have  also available the service for local calls to mobile. In this way you can provide your business partners, friends and relatives from abroad to call on your cell phone at the price of local calls for fixed phones.

The advantages of this service are:

  • mobility of the VoIPBON account,
  • the possibility of calling destinations worldwide with savings up to 90%
  • you can make calls from any location from which you have access to mobile internet (3G, Edge, WLAN).

If you are abroad and have access to mobile internet, you can receive calls from landline or mobile   network to your mobile phone without paying roaming charges.

Start to save from your mobile phone. Sign up for free:

Call Shop

A CallShop is a place where customers can make international calls at lower charges than the local telephone companies. CallShop is a perfect solution for tourist complexes and resorts, camps, travel agencies, Internet coffee, marinas and other locations visited by tourists.

How to increase your profit and more details about CallShop on the page Start Now!

VOIP 90% savings

VoipBON is a perfect solution for all telephone users . With minimal investment, VoipBON allows you to make 90% savings on telephone costs.

VoipBON is part of a global VoIP service that transfer voice communication using the Internet network, and in that way can drastically reduce telephone costs.

VoipBON is a perfect  solution for billing and controling telephone calls. With minimal investment VoipBON  provide hotels, pansions  and travel agencies to have complete control of the phone calls, check in and out, call list per room, call list when the guest is checking out…

Private users have benefits such as prepaid and postpaid payment options.

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