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Virtual PBX is a virtual phone system based on the Asterisk open source platform. It replaces the traditional telephone system in a way that connects e.g . all offices, regardless of where they are located, in one internal telephone system. Virtual phone system is located on our virtual server , so the users with IP phones are connected with the server via broadband Internet connections.

VoipBON virtual PBX phone systems have all the functions like traditional telephone systems. Virtual PBX is very suitable because you do not need telephone infrastructure. Therefore, it is a very interesting solution for small and medium businesses. It also has flexible programs and great savings on your calls using VoIP. Virtual PBX offers a wide range of possibilities and complete control of telephone system office without the intervention of the operator. All you need is a VoipBON account that can be easily configurated as a virtual PBX. You can keep your existing phone numbers or order new telephone numbers. To start with your calls, you must have a IP telephone or Softphone.

The advantages of virtual PBX:

  • Small investments
  • There is no telephone infrastructure or maintenance costs
  • Simple configuration via your personal user account
  • High flexibility
  • Unlimited number of users (number)
  • Arbitrarily scalable ( flexible ) and fast
  • Indipendent usage and managing
  • Ability to connect several locations
  • Savings on phone calls
  • Ready-for-use within 24 hours
  • Free phone calls between different company locations and business partners

Virtual PBX features:

  • Caller ID
  • Quick dialing
  • Transferring incoming calls to another location with or without announced notice
  • Conference Call
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call  waiting
  • Voice-box – email notification of a voice message
  • Fax-box – email delivery
  • Music for the waiting time to establish connection
  • Sending and receiving e-mail (Unified Messaging Box)
  • Detailed specification of costs

Monthly subscription for Virtual PBX Service

The usage of virtual PBX is paying off through a monthly subscription which depends on the number of locations  and simultaneous calls. It also depends of the amount of included  FIX minutes of the national operater and available RAM and HDD. The subscription price includes free minutes of conversation (the amount of free minutes depends on the package) and multi-channel  DID number for incoming calls.

These packages will satisfy most of users, but there is also a possibility of adaptation and modification for  potential users. You can buy or rent IP phones from us. In case of a rental, at the end of each month as part of the subscription you will pay the rent of the IP phone too.  Instalation of the phones  can be done independently or by request we can send  our experts to done the job  professionally and quickly

The cost of configuration, installation and activation of the Virtual PBX is equal to one monthly rate.