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  1. Create an account (select New User and follow the instructions).
  2. Download and install our free software X-Lite, 3CX or Zoiper. If you are not using Microsoft Windows: Mac, Linux
  3. Enter your SIP settings in the program that you downloaded, the installation instructions
  4. Calling
    1. When you activate your VoipBON account you will get 0,14 EUR, so you could try our service
    2. Test call: 600 test call, echo service
    3. Voipbon Free call: 455 725 (without zero, direct connection to voipbon registered users)
    4. Local, state calls: 01 8000 023
    5. International calls: 00 385 52 637 000

That’s it, quickly and efficiently!

We will give you a few more tips for DID phone number and how to make extra money using CALLSHOP – billing call system.

For mobile phone users we have several free application at their disposal through which they can connect  to voipbon and make calls. More details.

Details about the configuration of PC applications to make calls you can see on the page support. More details.

We have prepared for our partners a special partner program that can provide additional revenues and profit. More details!

Contact and Customer Support

If you need help, advice or technical assistance please contact us:

  • 01/8000-023 Zagreb
  • 052/637-000 Istrian county
  • Sales:,
  • Support:,
  • Working hour: 08 – 16

Additional equipment

Either you want to use analog or IP telephone we recommend that you visit the page: where you will see our whole VoIP equipment. Orders can also be sent by email or contact us at:

  • 01/8000-023 Zagreb
  • 052/637-000 Istarska županija

How to configure other applications and equipment go to Support -> Instruction -Examples of configuration.

Payment – BON, prepaid
You can simply make a deposit into our bank account or credit card through our voipbon site. Also, you can buy a BON through our voip shop at Amount of the BON’s are usually from 3,5 EUR to 70 EUR but you can pay as much as you want to spent. Look at our Start package deals where you can buy a device and get a BON gift.

Postpaid contract
We recommend postpaid option for business users with major phone calls. Postpaid means charging without  subscription and it is calculated on the basis of monthly consumption.  The invoice is sent on a monthly basis at the begining of the month for the previous month.  For more information:

DID Number – call number
If you want to receive calls and be available to your VoIP device. More information:

Billing system – CallShop
If you have apartments, villas or you own a coffee bar or internet caffe, or you just want to make extra money offering telecommunication services,  we have  prepare several options for you We offer different solutions depending on needs:

1.    Integrated in voipbon Service

  • program is integrated on our online service voipBON
  • you don’t need to install the program
  • the best solution because there is no investment in software and telephone systems
  • great option  for a quick start, just connect the equipment and start to use

2.    Integration of Trixbox IP telephone system , in addition:

  • based on the IP technology
  • greater control and security, it doesn’t depend on the Internet
  • if you have several telephone on the location and you want to invest  wisely
  • it’s suitable for larger number of stores and location(15-500 or more)

3.   Integration on the Windows platform

  • program is installed on an existing PC as PC – CASA or otherwise
  • no bigger investments

4.   3Cx platforma

On our voip shop you can find different  CallShop packages that includes phones or analog adapters with a gift BON of 15 EUR and configuration of equipment, so you can easily and quickly start with billing. More: