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What is a CallShop?

Callshop is a program that allows you to charge every phone call. The billing is done through a simple web interface. It is an ideal option for those who want to expand their activities, offering something new, and for all hotels and apartments that must have phones in their objects.

CallShop advantages:

  • Displaying the call, the lines, the total amount and duration of calls
  • A detailed list of calls for each phone
  • Saving up to 90% in international calls because the calls are not made via national operators – VoIP rates
  • You have a unique opportunity to offer visitors/guest a service that is cheaper than the public voice services,  while at the same time you can make extra profit on telephone conversations
  • You can easily set the price for the end user by yourself
  • An investment that pay off itself depending on traffic turnover
  • Simple and flexible installation and use
  • There is no maintaining of the service because we are trying to provide a complete and efficient service during the initial installation and configuration
  • Ability to block/unblock the phone from your interface
  • Automatic billing, printing on A4 and POS printer
  • Possibility to create R1 bills for business users

To make your selection easier, we’ve created packages that include:

  • IP telephone or analog telephone + ATA
  • CallShop, billing software for phone calls
  • Configuration of the equipment
  • VoIP BON 15 EUR

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