Call mobile voip service review Visit their website Mo call is another voip service that, along with allowing to save much money on local and international mobile phone calls, provides the convenience of being able to place calls anywhere there is gsm coverage.This riddance from the requirement of a wi fi connection or a 3g data plan is important for people who want hassle free cheap calls.Mo call also shines through its support to more than 2000 phone models, including blackberry, iphone 4, iphones upgraded to the ios 4, android, windows mobile and symbian platforms. Pros massive device coverage of over 2000 mobiles.No need for internet connection works christian louboutin outlet anywhere your phone gets a signal.Works in over 200 countries.Keep your contacts no need to save different numbers.Free calls between mo call users using wi fi supported mobiles or mo call pc application.Good customer service, knowledgeable staff.Cons mo call doesn support incoming calls.Conference calling isn supported yet. Review mobile voip applications and services are inaccessible for many because they lack the necessary devices and high speed internet plans.Mo call targets all users by offering plans that suit anyone, even with basic mobile phone models.Although mo call can make voip calls on many of the newer models, most versions support cheap international calls through a gsm signal.Mo call supports more than 2000 mobile devices, something that many mobile voip services have yet to do.It is also worthy to mention that mo call supports blackberry and iphone mobile phones.Here is where to see which models are supported.One thing to appreciate with the service is the support for many blackberry models, blackberry being relatively poor in voip applications.Mo call supports over 2000 phone models including the popular iphone 4, iphones upgraded to the ios 4, android, blackberry, windows mobile and symbian platforms. Using a wi fi connection, you can make free calls to other mo call users worldwide, and can chat with people from other im platforms like yahoo, msn and icq.But you can also make mobile calls without wi fi or 3g or any expensive internet connection plan.You get to make calls anywhere there is cellular coverage.Mo call can also be used in different modes, depending on who uses it and how.Home:The local gsm network is used to relay the morodo(The parent company of mo call)Server, which takes over to place the voip call to other phones, including landline.World callbacks:You send an sms specifying the number you want to call and the number you wish to use for calling, and you are called back at the same time as your contact and your international call starts as soon as both of you take the call.Web/mobile web callbacks: Works more or less the same way as theWorld callbacks, save that the call is initiated over a web site interface, using a computer.Purely voip calls:This involves mainly pc to pc calls over any internet connection broadband or wireless which are primarily free. Mo call international rates are quite low, but not as low as some of the competitors, of which some offer a service that costs 2 cents per minute.I asked richard o of mo call about that, and he answered, you look hard you will find other services where you may be able to beat mo call by maybe a cent per minute, but we competing on quality of service as well as just price.That extra cent per minute allows us to excel at providing a good quality, human service to all our users.Compared to the massive savings users make in call charges from their mobile network operators, the value from mo call is miles ahead.We believe that the huge benefits in reducing mobile bills, coupled with quality of service and convenience of making cheap calls from your mobile, far outweigh the benefits of going with ever so slightly cheaper competitors.Main drawback of the service is the inability to receive call through it, but since most received calls are not paid, it can be a good way of saving money, which is one of the main reasons why people turn to voip.There is no possibility of multi party conferencing, but that not a big problem as those who wish to conference are very few. Visit their christian louboutin wedding shoes uk website True, member prepaidcard I like the information you provided here thanks and regards amantel cheap international calling 3 out of 3 people found this helpful. 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