Kuwait polo ralph lauren outlet city travel guide Kuwait city is a bustling metropolis of high rise office buildings, luxury hotels, wide boulevards and well tended parks and gardens.Its seaport is used by oil tankers, cargo ships and many pleasure craft.The main industrial area is shuwaikh within the al asimah governorate.The main palaces are as seef palace in the old part of kuwait city where the emir runs the daily matters of the country, the government headquarters is in bayan palace;While the current emir stays in dar salwa.Get in[edit]kuwait international airport(Iata:Kwi)Is 16km(10 south of Kuwait City.See the main kuwait article for the full scoop.By car[edit]take shaikh jaber ahmed al sabah road(80, also known as the Highway Of Death)To kuwait city from iraq.From the kingdom of saudi arabia, take king fahad bin abdul aziz rd(40).Meters are universally ignored(The official fares haven’t changed in years), so agree on the price before you set off.There are three basic types:Call Taxis(Aka hotel Taxis)Are all white with company decals on the doors, and they can be found lurking around major hotels.Usually ordered by phone, these are usually fairly nice and will take you where you want to go with a minimum of fuss, but charge steeper prices:Kwd3 is the standard fare for most trips around town, while going to/from the airport is kwd5.However, if you manage to catch one on the road(Away from the watchful eye of the dispatcher), they may cut you a discount.Kuds Taxi, tel.241 3414, is one of the largest operators.Airport Taxis are larger american cars that have their own ramp at the airport.They have a printed fee on the inside of the Taxi with the fares fixed.Many drivers will, however, try to demand higher fares especially if the printed fare in the car is partially or completely destroyed.Orange Taxis, which are actually white and beige(Previously orange)With yellow license plates and”Taxi”Signs on the roof, prowl the streets of kuwait looking for passengers.Fares are negotiable, with short hops from kwd1 and a longer trip across town around kwd2.Readily available, you are likely to be tooted by them as you try to cross the road.The drivers will try to increase the cost of the journey and huff and puff if the traffic is bad, or if you weren’t completely clear on where you were going.They will then demand more on arrival.It is easy to see when they are about to pull this trick as they will start to complain about your inaccuracy shortly before arrival.Some, but not all, orange taxis ply only along fixed routes, and you’ll be expected to share the cab(And the fare)With other passengers if you board one of these.By bus[edit]the kuwait public transport company(Kptc)And citybus run buses in and around kuwait city, with a flat 250 fils fare for trips in the city.The two run on the same routes, so kptc bus 999 will get you to the same place and for the same price as citybus 999.However, bus shelters are spartan, schedules erratic and information lacking, making this a poor second to taxis if you’re in any sort of hurry and not desperately short on cash.For the adventurous, privately owned citybus maintains an up to date list of routes on their website, while figuring out kptc routes is rather more challenging as of 2008, their transport kuwait website hasn’t been updated in years and the route maps are thoroughly obsolete.Apart from the bangladeshi working communities, who do all the low end jobs in kuwait, very few others use the public transport.Buses are mainly male, with many of the travellers listening to music without headphones on their mobile phones.The buses can also be filthy as many sit and eat sunflower seed and scatter the shells all over the floor.Liberation tower.One of the tallest telecommunications towers in the world.Tourists are no longer allowed to enter the tower;However, visitors seem to be allowed in on 25 feb, national day.National museum,(On gulf street between national assembly and grand mosque).M th 08:30 12:30 16:30 19:30, F Sa 08:30 11:00 16:30 19:30;Winter afternoon hours 16:00 19:00.Stripped of many artefacts during the war part of it has been renovated and is now open to the public for display.One exhibition shows ancient relics found on failaka island and the other resembles a carefully designed copy of an old kuwaiti souq(Market).An old kuwaiti boum(Dhow)Is on display as well.This is closed for remodel!Entrance is free.Right beside the national museum.Made of coral and gypsum and is used as a cultural museum to protect the arts and crafts of old kuwait. Bayt Al BadrRight beside the national museum.It is cheap ralph lauren polo one of the very few houses left that were built in old kuwaiti architecture.Seems to be closed at least temporarily as of early 2010 but it’s worth passing by.The best view you might get of seif palaceseif palace,(Between grand mosque and national museum).Built in 1896, the interior features original islamic mosaic tile work, though these suffered badly during the iraqi occupation.You will not be allowed to enter, however it is still interesting to walk by and see the vast gardens of the palace.Across from the seif palace and about a quarter mile east of the national museum.Guided tours by friendly kuwaitis are available for tourists.Women can borrow a proper dress from the mosque in order to enter.You will likely be told a time to come back for a tour by the security guard when you visit the mosque.Come back at that time and there will hopefully be a couple of guides available.

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