Her closet and pushing the limits of her elegantly aggressive style Back to main menucelebrationsfraud preventionmanage your adplace an adyes!I moved here from colombia, south america, when i was 10 years old.My husband, robin, says that there are similarities between myself and gloria on”Modern family. “It’s a family joke.I thought that saying was”Doggie dog world,”Too, not”Dog eat dog world. “That’s awful.How do you describe your style?I don’t have one specific style.It’s more of the feel;I like what makes me feel good, put together and confident.I like doing an elegant and sophisticated style without spending a fortune.I like glamor but when i’m at home i like to be laid back and relaxed.This loose silk dress and thick, long cardigan is a perfect at home look for me.I like things that are different;I don’t like to fit in.I like to be a little off, to shake things up a little bit.Have you always been a little different?I think that’s always been the case with me.In high school we were very poor.The movie”Pretty in pink”Was popular.We couldn’t afford the styles so my grandmother and mother taught me how to make patterns with newspaper, to buy fabric and sew the looks.People at school called me the pretty in pink girl.I was unaware that it was kind of a tease, but i didn’t wear the typical trendy things that everyone else was michael kors sale uk wearing from the better stores.Do you have to dress up for work?I do, and i would even if i didn’t have to.I like a fitted, sophisticated and serious but unique look in my corporate wardrobe.I love dressing for work.I can be creative with my clothes since my department is creative.I like things that don’t necessarily go together.When i met my husband, robin, 16 years ago, i was working in chicago.My wardrobe was all black, white and gray.It was fashionable but plain.I also wore everything too big.I didn’t really know my size.Robin convinced me to try smaller things and figure out what fits.He’s influenced my style and got me to open my eyes to color and more aggressive fashions.We have a lot of fun with our looks when we go out.Robin and i shop together and it’s always fun.He buys most of my clothes;He’s got great taste.We often go to an outlet mall in michigan city, indiana, on the way to visit my family in chicago.There is a michael kors and a bcbg outlet.If you shop right, you can get great deals so we go a couple of times a year.Otherwise, i don’t just shop for more stuff.I shop for my wardrobe;I call it”The collection. “I look for pieces that will complement what i already have and i always have something to wear to the many events we go to.You have a busy, high stress career.Do you have a go to outfit for those days you’re too busy to care?No, i love everything i have.If i don’t like something, it gets donated.I don’t believe in sweats and sloppy things.If i’m not feeling well, i wander into princess world and something will call out to me.Princess world is the giant closet/dressing room robin made for me out of a spare bedroom.If anything, putting on something i like will boost my mood.I always like to look nice, but i can be comfortable, too.I have a terrible cold right now, but i don’t want it to show.I would have never guessed!Do you have any pet peeves?One of the wonderful things my mother taught me was to always have perfect, clean nails.Chipped nail polish drives me crazy.If you’re not going to have time to change it, wear a very pale color so you can’t see it chipping.I don’t always have time to get a manicure, so i’ll do it myself.Also, this thought that everyone has to be skinny.It’s wrong.In my view, curves are good and if you have them, show them off.Feel good about yourself no matter what.So don’t dress sloppy, dress to feel good about you, no matter what your size.So glad i removed my chipped polish this morning!Where do you shop?Besides the michael kors and bcbg outlets, tj maxx and marshall’s are my staple stores.I also like nordstrom and white house black market.Do you invest in handbags, too?I do like bags.A funny thing happened.I treated myself to a burberry bag at nordstrom.With that purchase i received their bonus bucks.Sometime later, i bought a kate spade bag at nordstrom rack.It was about $130.I used my bonus bucks and got it for practically nothing.I have never received one compliment on my expensive, traditional burberry plaid print tote, but i receive multiple compliments every time i wear the kate spade.You don’t have to spend a fortune to be in style.I like the high end bags but they’re more of a status thing, than a style thing.

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